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Source repository for, built with jekyll.

Building your own copy

It's pretty easy to build a copy of this site. We used jekyll which is a ruby program that compiles markdown files into static HTML documents which makes it super easy to put on the web. Make sure you have ruby installed, then:

  1. clone this repo

    git clone

  2. cd into the folder


  3. install tools and dependencies

    bundle install

  4. Build the site

    jekyll build

You'll have a new folder in the directory called _site that has all of the compiled HTML files ready to be thrown at a web server. Pretty nifty!


For deploying to S3, we use a tool called s3_website which looks at a file named s3_website.yml for configuration information. Take a look at the example file, add your S3 API keys and bucket name, and save the file as s3_website.yml


  1. configure your bucket

    s3_website cfg apply

  2. push the code!

    s3_website push


Feel free to hit us up on twitter with any questions! @ControlCfm

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