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Getting Started

Aside from the software listed on the course website / included in the provided vagrant configuration, the following python library is needed:


pip install flask-login
from flask.ext.login import LoginManager

I've copied the compiled version (compiled on the class vagrant configuration) of this module to the root directory of the project as well.

Initalizing Database

  • Import latest database data with the following command run from the root directory of the project:
gunzip < data/data-dump.sql.gz  | psql booknet -U postgres
  • Now you can run to start the project / flask.

  • As an aside, the book covers that were able to be downloaded and used for our project are located here. However it should happily fail with blank images without that ~350MB download.

Final Report

Generated Data Information


  • 10,000 entries
  • Targeting book_id 1-5000
  • rater: 1-30
  • rating: 0|0.5|1|1.5|2|2.5|3|3.5|4|4.5|5
  • date_rated: 12/01/2011 - 12/04/2014


  • 500 entries
  • Targeting user_id 1-30


  • 10,000 entries
  • Targeting book_id 1-5000
  • Targeting list_id 1-500


  • 5000 entries
  • Targeting book_id 1-10000
  • pages_read: 1-1000

Sample Data Structure Information


There isn't much documentation to be found, but basically Open Library has a concept of:

Authors Works Editions A Work is the abstract representation of a book. It at least has a title and a set of authors associated with it.

An Author can belong to many books.

An Edition is a concrete publication of a Work. It can contain things like publication dates and it can represent hardcover books, paperbacks, and ebooks. I didn't even crack open the edition data dump (ran out of hard-drive space) but I believe Editions can even have their own Authors.

#####Covers information

So in our DDL we will most likely use the following mapping: Works -> Book Core

Not all data rows have all keys. Here is a breakdown of the total occurences of a given key. Only the more common keys are shown, a full breakdown is here.

####Author Keys Occurrences (>89823)

Key # Mapping
type 179646
revision 179646
last_modified 179646
key 179646
name 179646
personal_name 129425

####Work Keys Occurrences (>97470)

Key # Mapping
latest_revision 194940
type 194940
revision 194940
last_modified 194940
key 194940
created 194940
title 194938
authors 192633
subjects 111842

####Book Keys Occurrences (>110721)

Key # Mapping
work 221442
type 221442
revision 221442
last_modified 221442
key 221442
authors 221442
title 221409
publish_date 214048
publishers 212474
latest_revision 200212
languages 197472
number_of_pages 165089
publish_places 157332
publish_country 154235
subjects 151283
created 149379
pagination 146280
by_statement 112330
isbn_10 111199