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A static maps Windows Phone control
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One of the nice visuals of a Windows Phone application with mapping display of a simple area map whenever you view a place in the app.

Unfortunately, most map controls, such as the Bing Maps control included with the platform, are highly sophisticated: they let you have a bunch of pushpins, gather information about bounding boxes, etc. This awesome feature set can have a negative effect on performance.

Sample Screenshot with JeffWilcox.Maps

My static map control is simple but nice because it’s an easy replacement, can be used in Panorama/Pivots, and overall still has a great, high-speed experience that your users will enjoy.


Details of the library are in this blog post about the control. Here are some of the basics:

  • Supports Bing, Google, Mapquest and OpenStreetMap
  • Gets a static map image (type based on provider) and displays a pushpin in the center
  • Maps are provider-based if you have a special implementation you need
  • Easy to use in markup and supports data binding properties


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