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A dynamic quiz template built on React
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React Quiz Application Template

Easily put together a quiz and customize it through 1 json file

See running example at:



Customize the template through ./src/config.json

  "title":  "The Planet Express Quiz",
  "titleColor":  "#333",
  "quizLogo":  "planet-express.png",
  "subtext":  "Welcome to the Quiz. ",
  "subtext2":  "Try to get as many questions right as you can.",
  "subtextColor":  "#000",
  "startButtonText":  "Get Started",
  "backgroundImage":  "background.jpg",
  "containerColor":  "#fff",
  "containerAccentColor":  "#eaeaea",
  "buttonColor":  "#e74c3c",
  "buttonHoverColor":  "#e56357",
  "buttonTextColor":  "#fff",
  "quizTextColor":  "#000",
  "questionScoreCorrectColor":  "#2ecc71",
  "questionScoreIncorrectColor":  "#e74c3c",
  "questionScoreWarningColor":  "#ff9f43",
  "submitText":  "Submit",
  "nextButtonText":  "Next Question",
  "correctAnswerText":  "Correct!",
  "incorrectAnswerText":  "Incorrect, the correct answer was:",
  "questionNotAnsweredText":  "Doh! you forgot to choose an answer.",
  "resultsHeader":  "Results",
  "congratsGif":  "congrats.gif",
  "startOverButtonText":  "Start Over",
  "questions":  [{
    "body":  "In 'Space Pilot 3000' who is the first main character that Fry meets?",
    "img":  "",
    "answers":  ["Zoidberg",  "Leela",  "Bender",  "Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth"],
    "correctAnswerIndex":  1
    "body":  "In 'The Series Has Landed' what was the name of the amusement park on the moon?",
    "img":  "",
    "answers":  ["Lunar Park",  "Mars University",  "Wong Ranch",  "Moon Spacefun"],
    "correctAnswerIndex":  0
    "body":  "In 'When Aliens Attack' what planet are the aliens from?",
    "img":  "",
    "answers":  ["Omicron Persia 11",  "Omicron Persia 8",  "Mars",  "Amazonia"],
    "correctAnswerIndex":  1
    "body":  "In 'Hell Is Other Robots' where was robot hell?",
    "img":  "",
    "answers":  ["Utah",  "Alabama",  "Texas",  "New Jersey"],
    "correctAnswerIndex":  3
    "body":  "In 'Fear of Bot Planet' what fake religious robot holiday did Bender make up?",
    "img":  "",
    "answers":  ["Bot-Mitvah",  "Robanza",  "Robonukah",  "Robotisam"],
    "correctAnswerIndex":  2

Image Assets

Image assets should be stored in the ./public folder for the application to work correctly. Then inside of ./src/config.json you reference them by just the filename and extension:

"quizLogo": "planet-express.png"
"backgroundImage":  "background.jpg",
"congratsGif": "congrats.gif"


  • Currently the value for site title is hard-coded so you must change it in ./public/index.html
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