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This project provides QuickBooks Online access following version 2 of Intuit's Data Services.

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Spring Social Support

Please note that the master branch is now supporting version 1.1.X of the Spring Social Project. If you need support for version 1.0.X this is available on the 2.0.X branch.

spring-social-intuit-2.0.X = spring-social-core-1.0.X spring-social-intuit-2.1.X = spring-social-core-1.1.X

Spring Social Intuit

This is an intial start for a Spring Social Connection to Intuit Quickbooks using there Intuit Partner Platform Data Service for QuickBooks Online. This service support OAuth version 1 and has been modeled off the Twitter integration provided by spring.

You can find further documentation of Intuit's QuickBooks Online API at

Currently supported objects are:-

  • Account
  • CompanyMetaData
  • Customer
  • Invoice
  • Item
  • Payment
  • PaymentMethod

To check out the project and build from source, do the following:

` git clone --recursive git://
cd spring-social-intuit
./gradlew build


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