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Gitignore Snippets

Quickly create .gitignore files with templates from GitHub.



Prefix a template name (lowercase) with "gig-" and press tab.







Table of all available snippets

You can find all available templates on

Snippet Template
gig-actionscript Actionscript
gig-ada Ada
gig-agda Agda
gig-android Android
gig-appceleratortitanium AppceleratorTitanium
gig-archives Archives
gig-archlinuxpackages ArchLinuxPackages
gig-autotools Autotools
gig-bancha Bancha
gig-bricxcc BricxCC
gig-c C
gig-c++ C++
gig-cakephp CakePHP
gig-cfwheels CFWheels
gig-chefcookbook ChefCookbook
gig-clojure Clojure
gig-cloud9 Cloud9
gig-cmake CMake
gig-codeigniter CodeIgniter
gig-commonlisp CommonLisp
gig-composer Composer
gig-concrete5 Concrete5
gig-coq Coq
gig-cvs CVS
gig-dart Dart
gig-darteditor DartEditor
gig-delphi Delphi
gig-dm DM
gig-dreamweaver Dreamweaver
gig-drupal Drupal
gig-eagle Eagle
gig-eclipse Eclipse
gig-eiffelstudio EiffelStudio
gig-elisp Elisp
gig-emacs Emacs
gig-ensime Ensime
gig-episerver EPiServer
gig-erlang Erlang
gig-espresso Espresso
gig-expressionengine ExpressionEngine
gig-fancy Fancy
gig-finale Finale
gig-flexbuilder FlexBuilder
gig-forcedotcom ForceDotCom
gig-fuelphp FuelPHP
gig-gcov gcov
gig-go Go
gig-gradle Gradle
gig-grails Grails
gig-gwt GWT
gig-haskell Haskell
gig-idris Idris
gig-java Java
gig-jboss Jboss
gig-jekyll Jekyll
gig-jetbrains JetBrains
gig-joomla Joomla
gig-jython Jython
gig-kate Kate
gig-kdevelop4 KDevelop4
gig-kohana Kohana
gig-lazarus Lazarus
gig-leiningen Leiningen
gig-lemonstand LemonStand
gig-lilypond Lilypond
gig-linux Linux
gig-lithium Lithium
gig-magento Magento
gig-matlab Matlab
gig-maven Maven
gig-mercurial Mercurial
gig-meteor Meteor
gig-modelsim ModelSim
gig-monodevelop MonoDevelop
gig-nanoc nanoc
gig-netbeans NetBeans
gig-node Node
gig-notepadpp NotepadPP
gig-objective-c Objective-C
gig-ocaml OCaml
gig-opa Opa
gig-opencart OpenCart
gig-oracleforms OracleForms
gig-osx OSX
gig-packer Packer
gig-perl Perl
gig-phalcon Phalcon
gig-playframework PlayFramework
gig-plone Plone
gig-prestashop Prestashop
gig-processing Processing
gig-python Python
gig-qooxdoo Qooxdoo
gig-qt Qt
gig-quartus2 Quartus2
gig-r R
gig-rails Rails
gig-redcar Redcar
gig-rhodesrhomobile RhodesRhomobile
gig-ros ROS
gig-ruby Ruby
gig-sass Sass
gig-sbt SBT
gig-scala Scala
gig-scons SCons
gig-scrivener Scrivener
gig-sdcc Sdcc
gig-seamgen SeamGen
gig-sketchup SketchUp
gig-slickedit SlickEdit
gig-stella stella
gig-sublimetext SublimeText
gig-sugarcrm SugarCRM
gig-svn SVN
gig-symfony Symfony
gig-symfony2 Symfony2
gig-symphonycms SymphonyCMS
gig-tags Tags
gig-target3001 Target3001
gig-tasm Tasm
gig-tex TeX
gig-textmate TextMate
gig-textpattern Textpattern
gig-turbogears2 TurboGears2
gig-typo3 Typo3
gig-umbraco Umbraco
gig-unity Unity
gig-vagrant Vagrant
gig-vim vim
gig-virtualenv VirtualEnv
gig-visualstudio VisualStudio
gig-vvvv VVVV
gig-waf Waf
gig-webmethods webMethods
gig-windows Windows
gig-wordpress WordPress
gig-xcode Xcode
gig-xilinxise XilinxISE
gig-yeoman Yeoman
gig-yii Yii
gig-zendframework ZendFramework
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