The Android app that lets you use Formulize applications on your android mobile device
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The Android app that lets you use Formulize applications on your Android mobile device.

Note: Currently using Android Studio for the project is not recommended as it is still in preview. Sharing the project between Eclipse and Android Studio IDEs will very likely cause issues in project configuration.

Running the Android Prototype with Eclipse

  1. Install the ADT Bundle Install the Android Development Tools: The SDK contains an installation of Eclispe with the Android plugins installed. Make sure you have the latest Java JDK installed.

    If you already have an installation of Eclipse and don't mind spending some more time, you can install the Eclipse plugin.

    Follow the installation instructions provided in those links.

  2. Install Android SDK tools in ADT/Eclipse Follow the instructions here to access the Android SDK Manager By default, the latest Android API should have been installed. Android 2.3.3 (API 10) related tools should be installed as well for testing Formulize on older versions of Android.

  3. Import the Android Prototype Project as an existing project Import the AndroidProtoype folder in the Formulize repository using Eclipse with the Android SDK installed. The import source should be "Existing Projects into Workspace".

  4. Run the Android Prototype If you have an Android device, you can load the application into it. Follow this guide.

    If you don't have an Android device you can run the emulator instead, follow the instructions here to set it up:

    With the FormulizePrototype open, run (Ctrl + F11/Cmd + Shift + F11) the project. When prompted, run the project as an Android Application, and select the Android (virtual) device you want to run the application on.

    The application should be installed into your device and can be tested! If you are using an Android Virtual Device (AVD), you will have to wait for the emulator to boot up first. Expect the performance to be sluggish at best on the emulator.