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#Jaris FLV Player

A flash flv/mp4 player made using haxe and flash develop that can be embedded into any website for free or commercial use. With support for rtmp, youtube, http streaming and many more features. Open for improvements by you!

Web Page: Project Page:

##Be Free!

Searching for an flv player that could be used freely in all aspects and open source was a hard job. So I just decided to work on a basic player that had the most important features found in others players.

Thats the story of how Jaris was born.


  • Aspect ratio switcher
  • Fullscreen support
  • Http pseudostreaming support
  • Basic RTMP streaming support
  • Poster image
  • Volume control
  • Seek control
  • Display time
  • Use your own logo
  • Add a link to your logo
  • Change position of logo
  • Hide controls on fullscreen
  • Custom control colors
  • Hardware scaling
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Mp3 support


Jaris is licensed under GPL and LGPL, meaning that you could use it commercially. What we ask for is that any improvements made to the player should be taken back to jaris flv website so that any one could enjoy the new improvements or features also. In this way everyone could help to maintain an up to date tool that adapts to todays multimedia demands. Using github you can fork the project, work on your changes, and send a pull request.

Enjoy a totally free player ;-)

##Compiling from source

Install haxe change to the directory where jaris sources reside and run:

haxe build.xml

JarisFLVPlayer.swf will be generated on the bin directory which you can embed in your web sites as integrate as part of other projects.


A flash flv, mp3 or mp4 (h.264) player made on haxe that can be embedded into any website for free or commercial use.







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