A Colemak keymap for the Redox keyboard
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A Colemak keymap for the Redox keyboard


This keymap is a work in progress, and is meant to be used on macOS, with the "Unicode Hex Input" keyboard input.

macOS keyboard input setting

I may change a lot of the keys over the next few months, and will update this repo when I do so.

View on KLE


My keymap uses 5 layers:

  1. The default base layer, using Colemak.
  2. A Symbol layer, so all symbols can be accessed from the home row. (top right legends)
  3. A Navigation / Media layer, with both sound control and arrows on the home row. (bottom right legends)
  4. An international / Emoji layer so I can type accented characters commonly used in France and in Hungary, as well as a few Emoji I often use. (top center legends)
  5. A keyboard control layer, not pictured above, allowing me to control the LED lighting as well as the keyboard debug functions.


  • 2018.09.06
    • Initial submission to QMK. It's alive! ⌨️


I've also read posts by Gergely Nagy, Rebecca Le, and Justin Rogers for inspiration.