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<title>JSON-C - A JSON implementation in C - Win32 specific notes</title>
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<h2>Windows specific notes for JSON-C</h2>
<p>Please send Win32 bug reports to <a href=""></a></p>
<p><b>Win32 Specific Changes:</b></p>
Various functions have been redefined to their Win32 version (i.e. <tt>open</tt>
on win32 is <tt>_open</tt>)</li>
Implemented missing functions from MS's libc (i.e. <tt>vasprintf</tt> and <tt>strndup</tt>)</li>
Added code to allow Win64 support without integer resizing issues, this
probably makes it much nicer on 64bit machines everywhere (i.e. using <tt>ptrdiff_t</tt>
for pointer math)</li>
<p><b>Porting Changelog:</b></p>
<dt><tt>printbuf.c</tt> - C. Watford (</dt>
Added a Win32/Win64 compliant implementation of <tt>vasprintf</tt></dd>
<dt><tt>debug.c</tt> - C. Watford (</dt>
Removed usage of <tt>vsyslog</tt> on Win32/Win64 systems, needs to be handled
by a configure script</dd>
<dt><tt>json_object.c</tt> - C. Watford (</dt>
Added scope operator to wrap usage of <tt>json_object_object_foreach</tt>, this needs to be
rethought to be more ANSI C friendly</dd>
<dt><tt>json_object.h</tt> - C. Watford (</dt>
Added Microsoft C friendly version of <tt>json_object_object_foreach</tt></dd>
<dt><tt>json_tokener.c</tt> - C. Watford (</dt>
Added a Win32/Win64 compliant implementation of <tt>strndup</tt></dd>
<dt><tt>json_util.c</tt> - C. Watford (</dt>
Added cast and mask to suffice <tt>size_t</tt> v. <tt>unsigned int</tt>
conversion correctness</dd>
<h3>Anonymous Subversion</h3>
<p><code># <b>svn co json-c</b></code></p>
<p>Copyright Metaparadigm Pte. Ltd. 2004, 2005. <a href="">Michael
Clark </a>
<p>This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of the MIT License. See COPYING for details.</p>
<hr />