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"""times module
This module provides some Date and Time classes for dealing with MySQL data.
Use Python datetime module to handle date and time columns."""
import math
from time import localtime
from datetime import date, datetime, time, timedelta
from _mysql import string_literal
Date = date
Time = time
TimeDelta = timedelta
Timestamp = datetime
DateTimeDeltaType = timedelta
DateTimeType = datetime
def DateFromTicks(ticks):
"""Convert UNIX ticks into a date instance."""
return date(*localtime(ticks)[:3])
def TimeFromTicks(ticks):
"""Convert UNIX ticks into a time instance."""
return time(*localtime(ticks)[3:6])
def TimestampFromTicks(ticks):
"""Convert UNIX ticks into a datetime instance."""
return datetime(*localtime(ticks)[:6])
format_TIME = format_DATE = str
def format_TIMEDELTA(v):
seconds = int(v.seconds) % 60
minutes = int(v.seconds / 60) % 60
hours = int(v.seconds / 3600) % 24
return '%d %d:%d:%d' % (v.days, hours, minutes, seconds)
def format_TIMESTAMP(d):
return d.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")
def DateTime_or_None(s):
if ' ' in s:
sep = ' '
elif 'T' in s:
sep = 'T'
return Date_or_None(s)
d, t = s.split(sep, 1)
return datetime(*[ int(x) for x in d.split('-')+t.split(':') ])
return Date_or_None(s)
def TimeDelta_or_None(s):
h, m, s = s.split(':')
h, m, s = int(h), int(m), float(s)
td = timedelta(hours=abs(h), minutes=m, seconds=int(s),
microseconds=int(math.modf(s)[0] * 1000000))
if h < 0:
return -td
return td
except ValueError:
# unpacking or int/float conversion failed
return None
def Time_or_None(s):
h, m, s = s.split(':')
h, m, s = int(h), int(m), float(s)
return time(hour=h, minute=m, second=int(s),
microsecond=int(math.modf(s)[0] * 1000000))
except ValueError:
return None
def Date_or_None(s):
try: return date(*[ int(x) for x in s.split('-',2)])
except: return None
def DateTime2literal(d, c):
"""Format a DateTime object as an ISO timestamp."""
return string_literal(format_TIMESTAMP(d),c)
def DateTimeDelta2literal(d, c):
"""Format a DateTimeDelta object as a time."""
return string_literal(format_TIMEDELTA(d),c)
def mysql_timestamp_converter(s):
"""Convert a MySQL TIMESTAMP to a Timestamp object."""
# MySQL>4.1 returns TIMESTAMP in the same format as DATETIME
if s[4] == '-': return DateTime_or_None(s)
s = s + "0"*(14-len(s)) # padding
parts = map(int, filter(None, (s[:4],s[4:6],s[6:8],
try: return Timestamp(*parts)
except: return None