Bootstrap 4 and haml version of the default Devise views
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Bootstrap 4 - Default Devise Views (using haml)

The default views created by Devise converted to HAML and integrated with Bootstrap 4 styling.

rails generate devise:views

In support of blog post: Examples: Bootstrap 4 Devise Forms (using haml)


  • Converted to HAML.

  • Forms placed on a Bootstrap card.

  • Form structure updated with Bootstrap classes.

  • Forms use the Bootstrap grid with right justifed labels.

  • Classes added to organize further customization.

  • (Most) English language text move to a locale file.

Files to pay attention to:

  • app/views/devise
  • assets/stylesheets/custom_devise.scss
  • config/locales/devise_forms.em.yml


Using Devise 4.4.0 and Bootstrap 4.0.0.beta3


Joan Hughes @


License: MIT