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class @Mercury.PageEditor
# options
# saveStyle: 'form', or 'json' (defaults to json)
# saveDataType: 'xml', 'json', 'jsonp', 'script', 'text', 'html' (defaults to json)
# saveMethod: 'POST', or 'PUT', create or update actions on save (defaults to PUT)
# visible: boolean, if the interface should start visible or not (defaults to true)
constructor: (@saveUrl = null, @options = {}) ->
throw Mercury.I18n('Mercury.PageEditor can only be instantiated once.') if window.mercuryInstance
@options.visible = true unless (@options.visible == false || @options.visible == 'false')
@visible = @options.visible
@options.saveDataType = 'json' unless (@options.saveDataType == false || @options.saveDataType)
window.mercuryInstance = @
@regions = []
Mercury.csrfToken = token if token = jQuery(Mercury.config.csrfSelector).attr('content')
initializeInterface: ->
@focusableElement = jQuery('<input>', {class: 'mercury-focusable', type: 'text'}).appendTo(@options.appendTo ? 'body')
@iframe = jQuery('<iframe>', {id: 'mercury_iframe', name: 'mercury_iframe', class: 'mercury-iframe', frameborder: '0', src: 'about:blank'})
@iframe.appendTo(jQuery(@options.appendTo).get(0) ? 'body')
@toolbar = new Mercury.Toolbar(jQuery.extend(true, {}, @options, @options.toolbarOptions))
@statusbar = new Mercury.Statusbar(jQuery.extend(true, {}, @options, @options.statusbarOptions))
@resize() 'load', => @bindEvents()
@iframe.on 'load', => @initializeFrame()
initializeFrame: ->
return if'loaded')'loaded', true)
# set document reference of iframe
@document = jQuery(@iframe.get(0).contentWindow.document)
# inject styles for document to be able to highlight regions and other tools
jQuery("<style mercury-styles=\"true\">").html(Mercury.config.injectedStyles).appendTo(@document.find('head'))
# jquery: make jQuery evaluate scripts within the context of the iframe window
iframeWindow = @iframe.get(0).contentWindow
jQuery.globalEval = (data) -> (iframeWindow.execScript || (data) -> iframeWindow["eval"].call(iframeWindow, data))(data) if (data && /\S/.test(data))
iframeWindow.Mercury = Mercury
iframeWindow.History = History if window.History && History.Adapter
# (re) initialize the editor against the new document
# trigger ready events
iframeWindow.jQuery(iframeWindow).trigger('mercury:ready') if iframeWindow.jQuery, 'mercury:ready') if iframeWindow.Event &&
iframeWindow.onMercuryReady() if iframeWindow.onMercuryReady
@iframe.css({visibility: 'visible'})
catch error
Mercury.notify('Mercury.PageEditor failed to load: %s\n\nPlease try refreshing.', error)
initializeRegions: ->
@regions = []
@buildRegion(jQuery(region)) for region in jQuery("[#{Mercury.config.regions.attribute}]", @document)
return unless @visible
for region in @regions
if region.focus
buildRegion: (region) ->
region ='region')
type = (region.attr(Mercury.config.regions.attribute) || Mercury.config.regions.determineType?(region) || 'unknown').titleize()
throw Mercury.I18n('Region type is malformed, no data-type provided, or "%s" is unknown for the "%s" region.', type, region.attr('id') || 'unknown') if type == 'Unknown' || !Mercury.Regions[type]
if !Mercury.Regions[type].supported
Mercury.notify('Mercury.Regions.%s is unsupported in this client. Supported browsers are %s.', type, Mercury.Regions[type].supportedText)
return false
region = new Mercury.Regions[type](region, @iframe.get(0).contentWindow)
region.togglePreview() if @previewing
finalizeInterface: ->
@santizerElement = jQuery('<div>', {id: 'mercury_sanitizer', contenteditable: 'true', style: 'position:fixed;width:100px;height:100px;min-width:0;top:0;left:-100px;opacity:0;overflow:hidden'})
@santizerElement.appendTo(@options.appendTo ? @document.find('body'))
@snippetToolbar.release() if @snippetToolbar
@snippetToolbar = new Mercury.SnippetToolbar(@document)
Mercury.trigger('mode', {mode: 'preview'}) unless @visible
bindDocumentEvents: ->
@document.on 'mousedown', (event) ->
if Mercury.region
Mercury.trigger('unfocus:regions') unless jQuery("[#{Mercury.config.regions.attribute}]").get(0) == Mercury.region.element.get(0)
jQuery(@document).bind 'keydown', (event) =>
return unless event.ctrlKey || event.metaKey
if (event.keyCode == 83) # meta+S
Mercury.trigger('action', {action: 'save'})
bindEvents: ->
Mercury.on 'initialize:frame', => setTimeout(@initializeFrame, 100)
Mercury.on 'focus:frame', => @iframe.focus()
Mercury.on 'focus:window', => setTimeout((=> @focusableElement.focus()), 10)
Mercury.on 'toggle:interface', => @toggleInterface()
Mercury.on 'reinitialize', => @initializeRegions()
Mercury.on 'mode', (event, options) => @previewing = !@previewing if options.mode == 'preview'
Mercury.on 'action', (event, options) =>
action = Mercury.config.globalBehaviors[options.action] || @[options.action]
return unless typeof(action) == 'function'
event.preventDefault(), options)
jQuery(window).on 'resize', =>
jQuery(window).bind 'keydown', (event) =>
return unless event.ctrlKey || event.metaKey
if (event.keyCode == 83) # meta+S
Mercury.trigger('action', {action: 'save'})
window.onbeforeunload = @beforeUnload
toggleInterface: ->
if @visible
@visible = false
Mercury.trigger('mode', {mode: 'preview'}) unless @previewing
@previewing = true
@visible = true
@iframe.animate({top: @toolbar.height(true)}, 200, 'easeInOutSine', => @resize())
Mercury.trigger('mode', {mode: 'preview'})
@previewing = false
resize: ->
width = jQuery(window).width()
height =
toolbarHeight = + @toolbar.height()
Mercury.displayRect = {top: toolbarHeight, left: 0, width: width, height: height - toolbarHeight, fullHeight: height}
@iframe.css {
top: toolbarHeight
left: 0
height: height - toolbarHeight
iframeSrc: (url = null, params = false) ->
# remove the /editor segment of the url if it gets passed through
url = (url ? window.location.href).replace(Mercury.config.editorUrlRegEx ?= /([http|https]:\/\/.[^\/]*)\/editor\/?(.*)/i, "$1/$2")
url = url.replace(/[\?|\&]mercury_frame=true/gi, '').replace(/\&_=\d+/gi, '').replace(/#$/, '')
if params
# add a param allowing the server to know that the request is coming from mercury
# and add a cache busting param so we don't get stale content
return "#{url}#{if url.indexOf('?') > -1 then '&' else '?'}mercury_frame=true&_=#{new Date().getTime()}"
return url
loadIframeSrc: (url)->
# clear any existing events if we are loading a new iframe to replace the existing one if @document'loaded', false)
@iframe.get(0).contentWindow.document.location.href = @iframeSrc(url, true)
hijackLinksAndForms: ->
for element in jQuery('a, form', @document)
ignored = false
for classname in Mercury.config.nonHijackableClasses || []
if jQuery(element).hasClass(classname)
ignored = true
if !ignored && ( == '' || == '_self') && !jQuery(element).closest("[#{Mercury.config.regions.attribute}]").length
jQuery(element).attr('target', '_parent')
beforeUnload: ->
if Mercury.changes && !Mercury.silent
return Mercury.I18n('You have unsaved changes. Are you sure you want to leave without saving them first?')
return null
getRegionByName: (id) ->
for region in @regions
return region if == id
return null
save: (callback) ->
url = @saveUrl ? Mercury.saveUrl ? @iframeSrc()
data = @serialize()
data = {content: data}
if @options.saveMethod == 'POST'
method = 'POST'
method = 'PUT'
data['_method'] = method
Mercury.log('saving', data)
options = {
headers: Mercury.ajaxHeaders()
type: method
dataType: @options.saveDataType
data: data
success: (response) =>
Mercury.changes = false
Mercury.trigger('saved', response)
callback() if typeof(callback) == 'function'
error: (response) =>
Mercury.trigger('save_failed', response)
Mercury.notify('Mercury was unable to save to the url: %s', url)
if @options.saveStyle != 'form'
options['data'] = jQuery.toJSON(data)
options['contentType'] = 'application/json'
jQuery.ajax url, options
serialize: ->
serialized = {}
serialized[] = region.serialize() for region in @regions
return serialized
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