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A Haskell IDE based on the spf-13 VIM distribution and the neco-ghc, vim2hs and ghcmod-vim VIM packages. Among others it features auto-completion (even on imported module references), automatic code checking on save, auto bracket completion and many other things. For a detailed list of features see the aforementioned package links. Note that I do not take credit for implementing these features; Haskim is just a convenient wrapper script for automatically installing and building all the required packages that make this happen.

Note: the spf13-vim install script will backup your existing .vimrc. You should probably add the contents of this backup to .vimrc.local. Unless you know what you are doing, do not overwrite .vimrc.local with your .vimrc backup since the former contains some fixes for tab-completion in spf13-vim and the automatic checking of your code on write.


Linux, *nix, Mac OS X and Cygwin Installation

Installation on any OS with bash or sh should be as easy as executing the following line:

curl https://raw.github.com/jejansse/Haskim/master/bootstrap.sh -L -o - | sh

At a certain point in the installation you will see an empty VIM window. Just type :q! followed by a carriage return and the installation should proceed. You might notice that the terminal will be garbled after closing this VIM window, this is due to spf13-vim and Vundle. Just close it and start a new one to test Haskim.

Installing on Windows

If you're using Cygwin, the above script should work; otherwise, it probably won't work. Normally, you can still pretty much get the same setup on Windows by installing spf13-vim, vim2hs, neco-ghc and ghcmod-vim manually, however.


You should have cabal installed and have added the directory with cabal installed binaries to your PATH variable:

echo $PATH

should contain a directory like cabal/bin on Linux or Library/Haskell/bin on Mac.


Specific features


See http://github.com/spf13/spf13-vim for a complete list.


See http://github.com/dag/vim2hs for a complete list.


See http://github.com/ujihisa/neco-ghc for a complete list.


See http://github.com/eagletmt/ghcmod-vim for a complete list.


After closing the VIM window that pops up during the installation, the terminal where you ran the bootstrap script will be garbled. This is due to spf13-vim or Vundle and cannot be fixed right now. If you want to have it fixed, please contact the maintainers of these packages.