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Set of Docker images used in my infrastructure/by my projects
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Here you can find a set of Dockerfiles that I'm using in my projects, both personal and professional. Breaking changes might happen, though it is unlikely.


To build an image, you can simply run the following command: docker build -t [NAME]:[TAG] [PATH]

For example, to build the PHP 7.3 with FPM image, you can use this command: docker build -t jejem/php:7.3-fpm php/7.3-fpm/


Some of the Dockerfiles have a test_config.yaml file in their folder, meant to be used with GCT's container-structure-test, to check/test the built image. See:


A default GitLab CI integration is provided, through .gitlab-ci.yml. It will build and test the images, and push to the Docker Hub repository defined in GitLab CI variables (so you can even set it to your own repository).

Some Dockerfiles are deprecated?

Some Dockerfiles might be kept as history and/or for testing only, they shouldn't be used in production environments. For example, both PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 are now End of life, I would recommend using PHP 7.3 for production. See:

Docker Hub

Images are available on Docker Hub. See:

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