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Tab-complete functionality for running Cucumber Scenarios from the command-line.
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Cucumber provides great testing capability. However, you may not always want to run the entire feature, at which point you might open the file, find the line number of the Scenario you wish to run, and then append that to the end of the filename of the feature to be run. This hinter script provides the capability to skip searching for the line number within a cucumber feature file and, rather, choose from a listing of specified line numbers and their corresponding Scenarios right from the command line.


Copy the hinter script to the bash_completion.d directory:

cp test-cucumber /etc/bash_completion.d/

Source the bash_completion file to load the new hinter rules:

source /etc/bash_completion


In order to use the cucumber bash hinter capability for running a particular Scenario, utilize the normal Cucumber syntax from the command line. However, after specifying the filename of the feature followed by a colon ':' indicating that you wish to enter a line number, press the tab key twice (such as in tab-completion):

cucumber my_nifty_test.feature:<tab><tab>

Performing the above (pressing tab twice for a traditional auto-complete of a filename, etc.) will result in an output of line numbers and corresponding Scenario names of Scenarios within the feature test file specified, like so:

   LN   TEST
-----   -----------------------------------
   12   View existing stuff
   15   Edit a thing
   20   Edit a thing's thing
   26   Create a new thing
   32   Delete an existing thing


12  15  20  26  32

At this point, choose the line number of the Scenario you wish to run and type it after the colon within the cucumber command (as normal), and off you go.

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