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Dr.Cal - a minimalistic javascript calendar (not a date picker) - version 1.1


Dr.Cal generates a calendar in a <table>. It leaves most of the rest of the work to you.

How to Use

var cal = $.cal(); // returns a <table>


year() : return the current year (as a 4-digit integer) month() : return the current month (as an integer in the range [1,12]) findCell(date) : return the cell containing the given JavaScript date changeMonth(date) : change to the month containing the given JavaScript date


drcal.weekRender : triggered when a month is rendered for the first time; passed the newly rendered tr drcal.monthChange : triggered every time the month is changed


First day displayed : cal.find('[date]:first') Last day displayed : cal.find('[date]:last') First day of the displayed month : cal.find('[date]:not([class="extra"]):first') Last day of the displayed month : cal.find('[date]:not([class="extra"]):last')

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