Emacs minor mode for hiding passwords (anti-shoulder-surfing)
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hidepw - an Emacs minor mode for hiding passwords

This is an Emacs minor mode for hiding passwords. It's useful if you manage your passwords in text files (perhaps automatically encrypted and decrypted by EasyPG) and want to prevent shoulder surfing.

When enabled, any passwords will appear as ******, but you'll still be able to copy the password to the clipboard.

By default, passwords are marked by delimiting them with pipes (|). For example:

root: |supersecret|

will display as

root: |******|

You can customize hidepw-pattern to match against arbitrary regular expressions. Just make sure to include one capturing group (\(\)), since the group marks the actual password. You can also customize the mask (******) that obscures the password.

You can enable hidepw-mode automatically on .gpg files with:

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist
             '("\\.gpg\\'" . (lambda () (hidepw-mode))))


You won't be able to move the cursor within the password (it will behave like a single character), but deleting the delimiter from either side will reveal the password and make it editable. Just add the delimiter back to hide it again.

This mode turns on font-lock-mode (and won't turn it off when you turn off this mode).