Daily acceptance tests for Jekyll. Builds 10 complex websites.
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Daily acceptance tests for Jekyll. Builds 10 complex websites.

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Jekyll is a static site generator written in Ruby. Any actively-developed software project needs to be regularly tested. To this end, Jekyll runs unit tests and integration tests for every pull request and push to master. Beyond this, Jekyll is tested by adventurous users who build their site with pre-releases or from master. Often, these real-world site builds uncover bugs that the unit & integration tests miss. So I asked myself, "what if we built regularly against a hand-picked set of Jekyll sites?"

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is a new concept from agile programming. In our case, we're going to use it to mean real-world testing with user-created input. We have a curated list of 10 sites (located in script/cibuild) that get built with the latest master each night. If something starts breaking, I'll get an email.


Want to run this locally? You probably won't want to. It expects a clean environment at the moment. For the daring:

  1. script/bootstrap
  2. script/cibuild

That's it! bootstrap gets everything into place and cibuild commences the building.