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Plugins and themes discovery for Jekyll, built with Jekyll – A proposal.

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NOTE: This is just a proposal and does not represent any functionality of Jekyll at present.

Adding your plugin or your theme

  1. Fork the repository

  2. Create a feature branch like my-cool-plugin

  3. Add a new file in _plugins or _themes with the name of your plugin as the slug (e.g. my-cool-plugin.markdown)

  4. Add plugin or theme info in YAML front-matter:

    title: My-Cool-Plugin
    description: >
      I make jekyll cooler, yo. [Check this demo](
    author: mygithubusername
    git: git://
  5. Save and submit a PR to this repo

Your plugin/theme will be added to the site once your pull-request has been merged.

Plugins are Gems

In an effort to make versioning and distribution as simple as possible, your Ruby-based plugin should be distributed as a gem. This project hopes to make the _plugins folder somewhat obsolete, as Jekyll will simply autoload your plugin.

Themes are gems

You are encouraged to package your themes as RubyGems, to make it easier for users to install and to be able to benefit from updates. Jekyll provides a jekyll new-theme command to help you get started since v3.2.


Plugins and Themes discovery for Jekyll, built with Jekyll.





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