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  • Initial release 🎉. With this release, the Google Summer of Code student coding period formally concludes. A big congrats to @mertkahyaoglu on a great 🚢! (#174)
  • Going forward, Jekyll Admin will be a community-driven open source project, built one contribution at a time by users like you. See the contributing instructions, and the development docs for more information.

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It's easy (and fun!). Check out the installation and usage instructions for how to get started.

Changes since 0.1.0.pre2

  • Fix windows compatibility and add Windows tests (#153, #149, props @codegaze)
  • Add notification system (#144)
  • Expose http_url and api_url for all resources (#166)
  • Exclude next/previous contents from indexes (#154)
  • Remove file contents from all indexes (#138)
  • Support for posts in the future (#117)
  • Use http_url for all preview links (#167)
  • Better search feedback, props @DirtyF (#135)
  • Fix datetime picker (#155, thanks @olivierlacan for reporting)
  • Load static files directly from Jekyll server (#147)
  • Fix bug where creating a nameless datafile zeros its content (#146)
  • Fix Safari datetime parsing (#159)

Known issues

  • Can't edit documents or pages in subfolders (#163, #150)
  • Config cannot be read if outside of site source (#160)