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Archives configuration is done in the site's _config.yml file, under the jekyll-archives key.

Default configuration

  enabled: []
  layout: 'archive'
    year: '/:year/'
    month: '/:year/:month/'
    day: '/:year/:month/:day/'
    tag: '/tag/:name/'
    category: '/category/:name/'

Configuration options

Required and recommended settings

Optional settings

Enabled archives

Key Value type Values
enabled String or Array 'all' or an array of any combination of year, month, day, categories, tags

This option sets which types of archives will be created. Must be set to an array of enabled archive types, or the string 'all' (to enable all archives).

Sample values
enabled: all
  - categories
  - year
  - month
  - tags

Default layout

Key Value type Values
layout String The layout name of the default archive layout

Sets the default layout to use if no type-specific layout (see Type-specific layouts below) for an archive is specified.

Sample values
layout: archive                  # _layouts/archive.html
layout: custom-archive-layout    # _layouts/custom-archive-layout.html

Type-specific layouts

Key Value type Values
layouts Map, String → String A map of layout type (year, month, day, category, tag) to its archive name.

Maps archive types to the layout they will be rendered in. Not all types need to be specified; those without a specific layout will fall back to the default layout.

Sample values
  year: year-archive
  month: month-archive
  day: day-archive
  tag: tag-archive-layout


Key Value type Values
permalinks Map, String → String A map of layout type (year, month, day, category, tag) to its permalink format.

Maps archive types to the permalink format used for archive pages. The permalink style is the same as regular Jekyll posts and pages, but with different variables.

These variables are:

  • :year for year archives
  • :year and :month for month archives
  • :year, :month, and :day for day archives
  • :name for category and tag archives

Note: trailing slashes are required to create the archive as an index.html file of a directory.

Sample values
  year: '/archives/year/:year/'
  month: '/archives/month/:year-:month/'
  tag: '/archives/tag/:name/'