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Inject the autoprefixer-rails CSS post-processor if present in the load path #68

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Per my recent issue, #67, this is the patch I'm using to add support for the autoprefixer-rails gem in my local fork. It's a really handy gem which handles CSS vendor prefixes automatically, basically replacing most of my use cases for Compass and Bourbon and the like.

My first stab here loads the gem in Environment#initialize if present in the load path. I'm not sure this is the best approach for everyone. Personally, in the day and age of Bundler, the presence of the gem in the load path is enough of an opt-in for me. But that may be too liberal for others.

So I'm open to suggestions on better modularity here. The trick is having access to the right scope for the Sprockets environment object, balanced with some better opt-in from the user to include the autoprefixer.


Coverage Status

Coverage remained the same when pulling ef143b1 on nz:autoprefixer-rails into 9ac861a on ixti:master.

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I will add this support but in a bit different way. Hope to get to this question later this week.


Any update on when this might get included?


@ixti Are you still planning to add support in your own way for this?

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I plan, but my schedule is always interrupted. Pretty busy these days, but hope will have some time to close outstanding bits and release shiny new version with lots of improvements and features ;))

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Merged in as bd898d4

@ixti ixti closed this
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So all I need to do is add autoprefixer-rails to my Gemfile? How do I configure Autoprefixer?


@silvenon did you figure this out? I am wondering the same thing.

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Commits on Dec 23, 2013
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  1. +7 −0 lib/jekyll/assets_plugin/environment.rb
7 lib/jekyll/assets_plugin/environment.rb
@@ -35,6 +35,13 @@ def initialize site
self.cache = cache_path
+ # load css autoprefix post-processor
+ begin
+ require 'autoprefixer-rails'
+ AutoprefixerRails.install(self)
+ rescue LoadError
+ end
# reset cache if config changed
self.version = site.assets_config.marshal_dump
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