Offline usage documentation for Jekyll. Requires Jekyll 3 and above.
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This gem is how we ship the docs on to users who want local, offline access to the docs.


Replace <JEKYLL_VERSION> with the version of Jekyll you wish to use (e.g. 3.8.1) and run:

gem install jekyll-docs -v <JEKYLL_VERSION>

Or, add it to your Gemfile:

gem 'jekyll-docs', '<JEKYLL_VERSION>'

Then, run bundle install.


⚠️ You can not generate the documentation website in an existing Jekyll source folder.

Once installed, you have to ensure you're using the same version of Jekyll and jekyll-docs:

$ jekyll _<JEKYLL_VERSION>_ docs
$ # If you want Jekyll v3.8.1, you have to run:
$ jekyll _3.8.1_ docs



$ export JEKYLL_VERSION=3.8.1 # (or whatever)
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake build

Now you have it in pkg/jekyll-docs-3.8.1.gem.


Ensure the tag for the version is available on the jekyll/jekyll repo in the form of vVERSION, e.g. v3.8.1.

$ export JEKYLL_VERSION=3.8.1
$ script/bootstrap
$ bundle exec rake release

Made a mistake? You can release another version of jekyll-docs by running the following:

$ export JEKYLL_VERSION=3.8.1
$ export JEKYLL_DOCS_VERSION=${JEKYLL_VERSION}.1 # Increment .1 to .2 if this is your second fix, etc.
$ script/bootstrap
$ bundle exec rake release