👥 @mention support for your Jekyll site
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Jekyll Mentions

@mentionable support for your Jekyll site

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Add the following to your site's Gemfile

gem 'jekyll-mentions'

And add the following to your site's _config.yml

  - jekyll-mentions

In any page or post, use @mentions as you would normally, e.g.

Hey @benbalter, what do you think of this?

Note: Jekyll Mentions simply turns the @mentions into links, it does not notify the mentioned user.


Have your own social network? No problem. We allow you to configure the base URL of all the mentions.

To change it, add the following to your Jekyll configuration:

  base_url: https://twitter.com

If you're lazy like me, you can use this shorthand:

jekyll-mentions: https://twitter.com

An example of Twitter mentions using jekyll-mentions:

  - jekyll-mentions

  base_url: https://twitter.com

Et voilà! Your mentions will now use that base URL instead of the default of https://github.com.