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h2. Data
-The following is a reference of all the data that is made available to Liquid.
+Jekyll traverses your site looking for files to process. Any files with YAML front matter (see below) are subject to processing. For each of these files, Jekyll makes a variety of data available to the pages via the Liquid templating system. The following is a reference of the available data.
+h3. Global
+ site
+ Sitewide information.
+ page
+ For Posts, this is the union of the data in the YAML front matter and the
+ computed data (such as URL and date). For regular pages, this is just the
+ YAML front matter.
+ content
+ In layout files, this contains the content of the subview(s). In Posts or
+ pages, this is undefined.
+ related_posts
+ If the page being processed is a Post, this contains a list of up to ten
+ related Posts. For high quality results be sure to run the jekyll command
+ with the --lsi option.
h3. Site
@@ -89,10 +108,6 @@ h3. Post
The content of the Post
- post.related_posts
- A list of up to ten Posts that are related to this Post. For high quality
- results be sure to run the jekyll command with the --lsi option
h2. YAML Front Matter
Any files that contain a YAML front matter block will be processed by Jekyll as special files. The front matter takes the form of:

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