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The autobuild feature can be used on any of the invocations.
+h2. Filters, Tags, and Blocks
+h3. Code Highlighting
+Jekyll has built in support for syntax highlighting of over "100
+languages": via "Pygments":
+In order to take advantage of this you'll need to have Pygments installed (and
+the pygmentize binary must be in your path).
+To denote a code block that should be highlighted:
+{% highlight ruby %}
+def foo
+ puts 'foo'
+{% endhighlight %}
+The argument to <code>highlight</code> is the language identifier. To find the
+appropriate identifier to use for your favorite language, look for the "short
+name" on the "Lexers": page.
+In order for the highlighting to show up, you'll need to include a
+highlighting stylesheet. For an example stylesheet you can look at
+"syntax.css": These
+are the same styles as used by GitHub and you are free to use them for your
+own site.
h2. Contribute
If you'd like to hack on Jekyll, grab the source from GitHub. To get

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