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+h2. Data
+The following is a reference of all the data that is made available to Liquid.
+h3. Site
+ site.time
+ The current Time (when you run the jekyll command)
+ site.posts
+ A reverse chronological list of Posts
+h3. Post
+ post.title
+ The title of the Post
+ post.url
+ The URL of the Post without the domain e.g. /2008/12/14/my-post.html
+ The Date assigned to the Post
+ An identifier unique to the Post (useful in RSS feeds)
+ post.content
+ The content of the Post
+ post.related_posts
+ A list of up to ten Posts that are related to this Post. For high
+ quality results be sure to run the jekyll command with --lsi option
h2. Filters, Tags, and Blocks
In addition to the built-in Liquid filters, tags, and blocks, Jekyll provides some additional items that you can use in your site.

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