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Reorder Maruku and Kramdown

Kramdown is default now, yay!
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1 parent 7b1321d commit 7115bfbf3d5532416a75858f5f5a983474b2fe18 Zlatan Vasović committed Feb 15, 2014
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@@ -38,16 +38,16 @@ Jekyll does what you tell it to do — no more, no less. It doesn't try to outs
* Colorator: Colorizes command line output (Ruby)
* Classifier: Generating related posts (Ruby)
* Directory Watcher: Auto-regeneration of sites (Ruby)
+* Kramdown: Default Markdown engine (Ruby)
* Liquid: Templating system (Ruby)
-* Maruku: Default markdown engine (Ruby)
* Pygments.rb: Syntax highlighting (Ruby/Python)
* RedCarpet: Markdown engine (Ruby)
* Safe YAML: YAML Parser built for security (Ruby)
## Developer Dependencies
-* Kramdown: Markdown-superset converter (Ruby)
* Launchy: Cross-platform file launcher (Ruby)
+* Maruku: Markdown-superset interpreter (Ruby)
* RDiscount: Discount Markdown Processor (Ruby)
* RedCloth: Textile support (Ruby)
* RedGreen: Nicer test output (Ruby)

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