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@@ -70,3 +70,46 @@ And we would get something like this on the page:
<p>page rendered at: Tue June 22 23:38:47 –0500 2010</p>
## Tag Blocks
The `render_time` tag seen above can also be rewritten as a tag block by
inheriting the `Liquid::Block` class. Look at the example below:
module Jekyll
class RenderTimeTagBlock < Liquid::Block
def render(context)
text = super
"<p>#{text} #{}</p>"
Liquid::Template.register_tag('render_time', Jekyll::RenderTimeTagBlock)
We can now use the tag block anywhere:
{% raw %}
{% render_time %}
page rendered at:
{% endrender_time %}
{% endraw %}
And we would still get the same output as above on the page:
<p>page rendered at: Tue June 22 23:38:47 –0500 2010</p>
<div class="note info">
<p>In the above example, the tag block and the tag are both registered with
the name <code>render_time</code> but to register a tag and a tag block using
the same name in the same project is not recommended as this may lead to

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