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@@ -61,6 +61,8 @@ test:

## Complete Example circle.yml File

### CircleCI v1

When you put it all together, here's an example of what that `circle.yml` file could look like in v1:

@@ -83,7 +85,11 @@ deployment:
- rsync -va --delete ./_site username@my-website:/var/html

for CircleCI v2, a Docker-based system which new projects will follow, set the `S3_BUCKET_NAME` environment variable (an example of the required config file is shown below).
### CircleCI v2

CircleCI v2 is a Docker-based system. The example `circle.yml` below demonstrates how to
deploy your Jekyll project to AWS. In order for this to work you would first have to set the
`S3_BUCKET_NAME` [environment variable](

defaults: &defaults

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