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New config File Options #1031

beeeswax opened this Issue May 6, 2013 · 12 comments

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beeeswax commented May 6, 2013


I believe there are several new options in the config file that weren't there in 0.12.0. (I discovered this because I was using host for my own purposes then I upgraded and jekyll serve wouldn't work.)

Before I submit a pull request for the "Upgrading" page in the docs (, I want to make sure I'm not going crazy. Are these actually new:

  • excerpt_separator
  • host
  • include
  • keep_files
  • layouts
  • markdown_ext
  • show_drafts
  • textile_ext
  • timezone
  • url

If they are, I'm happy to write a quick section on them for the Upgrading page.

Loving all the improvements in 1.0.0! (Cascading config files! 👍)

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parkr commented May 6, 2013

All of those (except maybe markdown/textile_ext?) are new config options, yep. If you want to submit a PR, please submit it against the master branch. The site is in the site folder.

beeeswax commented May 6, 2013

@dandunckelman: I'm pretty sure baseurl was present in <1.0.0... At least, it appears to be in the wiki from two years ago: (I never used it for anything, though.) I wasn't able to find url anywhere pre-1.0.0, and it's in the Default Configuration here:

@parkr: markdown_ext and textile_ext were never in the docs as far as I can tell but it appears the ability to set them got merged in in this pull request: #312. I won't mention those two...

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parkr commented May 17, 2013

@beeeswax Did you finish this documentation?


@parkr Oops, got busy and forgot about this. I'll try to do it this week.

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parkr commented May 20, 2013

Awesome, thanks!!


Hi @parkr! Just sent a pull req with a simple docs update.

It seems like there isn't really a place to direct people to to see what these options mean. I think is where I'd expect that to be. It looks like all the options are present in the Default Configuration section, but there's no explanation.

(For example, excerpt_separator is explained here:, but not on the Configuration page.)

Do you think it's a worthwhile project to try to explain the config file options on the Configuration page?

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parkr commented May 24, 2013

Hm. If they're new options, I'd put them on the Upgrading page for a more detailed explanation. But a quick comment for each item there in the big block at the bottom of the Configuration page ain't a bad idea.


Actually, I was kind of envisioning doing more of the explanations you already have on the Configuration page.

For example, under "Global Configuration", you've got a nice explanation of timezone. But, there's no clear, concise explanation (actually really anywhere on the internet) of keep_files, which might warrant that. It's kind of an unknown feature otherwise.

Now, is it worth explaining layouts or plugins? I dunno.

(And does all this mean that there can't be detailed explanations on Upgrading? Only negative I can think of is DRY.)

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parkr commented May 25, 2013

Yeah we'd want to keep the explanations in one place and just link to those places. I'd be down to explain them further but I'm not sure the table is the appropriate way of doing that, at least not in its current form. @cobyism, what might you recommend for explaining, line-by-line, the various configuration options?

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cobyism commented Jun 4, 2013

Sorry it’s taken me so long to chime in here. If we need to move into something bigger it’d probably need to be another section on the page with either just straight headings for each option and as many paragraphs for explanation as required, or maybe a more elaborate example of a _config.yml file like the "default" one that’s already there, but with inline comments that explain the nuances of all the options.

How long are these explanations going to be though? Are they really not going to fit in the table we already have there to describe the configuration options?

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Can be closed.

@parkr parkr closed this May 10, 2014
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