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To1ne commented Dec 30, 2009

If you browse to you see the directory structure of the posts.

I don't want that. Is it possible to let Jekyll generate a page in every directory? And can I define a template for those directories?


mojombo commented Jan 9, 2010

This is really a matter of configuring Apache to not show directory listings. Or do you not have control over how your web server is configured?

To1ne commented Jan 9, 2010

Actually I have so I could solve that problem.
But I was looking for a cleaner solution: Maybe display a page with all posts from that year (and /2009/12 would show all posts from that month)

rfelix commented Jan 19, 2010

Hi there, I've got an extension that I extracted from Mike West ( that does what you want. Take a look at this link for an example:

Basically you supply a file like archive_yearly.html in the _layouts/ dir and it will be used to automatically generate a page for each year.

The extension can be found here: under archive_gen. You can also use that extension in your own blog using jekyll_ext which I created to ease extending Jekyll and share extensions.


parkr commented Dec 8, 2012

👍 this would be a nice feature.


qrush commented Jan 2, 2013

I'm going to say no. This is clearly a feature missing when comparing Jekyll to Wordpress, etc. This would also break Jekyll's current convention of one file in the source directory maps to one file in the _site directory.

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