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At present, the jekyll new command pulls its template from the gem's lib/site_template folder. If I use jekyll but want to use my own template instead of the one provided in the gem, why should I have to do the copy manually? I could specify the template directory from which to create the new site and off I go. I could even specify a github username/repo-name and we could clone to /tmp and copy from there.

Is this something anyone watching this repo would use?

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I like this idea. If I understood correctly, the usage would look like

  • jekyll new - just copies the default site template
  • jekyll new --template TEMPLATE_DIR - copies the template from the directory specified by TEMPLATE_DIR

Is that correct?

I also like the clone the repository idea. I'm worried about the added complexity of this particular feature for, from my point of view, a quite uncommon use case though. I think if a lot of people want it, then we could add it, but I'm wary about having this from the start.

Most normal Jekyll blogs aren't exactly suitable for a site template. Are we just going to use the template directory verbatim or are we going to clean it up a bit?

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The idea behind it is that if I work for an organization that wishes to setup multiple sites from the same base template, then I build out the template and run jekyll new --template my/fancy/template and boom the base is copied verbatim and they can go.

The GitHub repo is probably more helpful directly because I can host a "theme" online and people can make new sites from it with incredible ease.


👍 for both local templates and Github repos.

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This seems like a cool idea, but I think the concept of "templates" and/or "themes" needs to be fully vetted. I feel like there has a lot of talk around theming lately, but the concepts surrounding that particular topic are still up in the air.

I think Jekyll 3.0 ought to have first class theming support.

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