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Q: Is it possible to go in reverse, IE from HTML to Jekyll markup? #1174

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I'd love to be able to allow managers to edit the finished HTML (for small corrections) and submit the fixed HTML page to a process which pushes into the Jekyll markup repository. Of course, the processor would check to see if the manager's change is not possible due to changing the output of a plugin.

My goal is to allow anyone to use built-in browser editor/dev tools (like right-click 'Inspect Element' in Chrome and Firefox) to modify the page for smallish issues. Then to save or push the result with a browser extension to a HTML-to-Jekyll PaaS server which tries to update the markup repositories and push the change live.

It would make life easier for everyone I think to allow site owners the ability to edit their site without developing and maintaining backend WYSIWYG editors (or code editor and S/FTP) and instead simply use their native browser's developer editor features.

Any thoughts here?


So what I like about Jekyll is that you can use a range of markups: markdown, textile and HTML. If you write your site in pieces of HTML, you can (relatively) simply find where you are making your edits.

It sounds like you're looking for a sourcemaps-like feature for Jekyll. At this point, that isn't in the works (and I don't think anyone has thought of that yet). @mattr-, what do you think about source maps for Jekyll sites?


Hmm, I actually have no idea what a sourcemap is, I'm afraid. I appreciate that you assumed I am smarter than I am! I was assuming that the original markup would need to be in markdown. Now I understand that it can start in just HTML and end in HTML (with some plugins tweaking things like removing "http://" from display on links or automatically adding embeds, etc). Perhaps that gives me my answer already.

If I may, let me elaborate a bit more of my ultimate goal. If the "view" in a Model-View-Controller application is just a Jekyll static site, and things like Weld js are used in lieu of template variables (using this somewhat snarky advice:, then allowing managers to simply edit the resultant page in their brownser and committing it might be possible. That is my goal. I want my projects to be super duper easy to maintain, and I can't think of much easier than that. Not having to deal with Wordpress type WYSIWYG for some changes would be great.

So that is basically why I wrote my question. I hope I am not causing any headaches. I just ask because I'm really interesting in figuring out how Jekyll can make everyone's life easier in my circles.


Hey @gavinengel these questions aren't a bother, we are all here to help and glad you asked the question.

Can I ask, how tech savvy are these people that you would like to give editing capabilities to? I ask because it sounds like you are going to be going through a lot just to get to a WYSIWYG HTML editor when it could be pretty easy to teach them how to edit in github and serve with jekyll locally.


@zachgersh I like the idea of easy. Do you mean teaching my clients/managers to edit with Github Flavored Markdown? I don't think that will cut it. They will want to manipulate borders, div dimensions, colors and stuff (in addition to content). Unless I'm missing the point of what you are saying here, which I probably am. A sample site to edit would be complex, such as a store front. It isn't just a FAQ or Wiki type frontend.


There are certainly some tools out there that allow for HTML to Markdown conversion (or textile, whatever you want). This should be done outside Jekyll IMHO, however. Ideally your content creators would press Ctrl-F, search for the errant text, edit it in the markdown/textile directly, then push back up. Jekyll's rendering cannot be undone – it's a one-way process.

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