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Provide hooks for Posts, Pages and Static. #1212

envygeeks opened this Issue · 3 comments

4 participants

Jordon Bedwell Parker Moore Matt Rogers Ben Balter
Jordon Bedwell

We all know that Octopress has some pretty nasty hacks in order to get some of it's work done and it prevents other things from doing the same nasty hacks without coordinating, which won't always happen.

I propose hooks be provided so that things that wish to haxor data can in key spots, this removes the need for nasty hacks like monkey patching and improves usability and extensible source.

Before somebody says, I don't blame @imathis because some of them are absolutely necessary to do what they want.

Parker Moore

I absolutely agree with you - we should have better, easier plugin integration. Beyond Posts, Pages and StaticFiles, I'd also love to see hooks for before Site#process and after.

And I don't blame Brandon. It was actually really awesome that he was able to figure out how to monkey patch Jekyll to add hooks like pre_render and post_render, etc. I think that's pretty stinkin' cool.

@mattr-, what do you think, and where in the code might you propose we add these hooks?

Matt Rogers

:+1: to the feature. no idea about the code right now. let me think on it a bit more.

This was referenced
Parker Moore

This is already mostly complete in the Jekyll 3 rewrite. Everything is a plugin and all plugins contain hooks. Can close this.

Parker Moore parkr closed this
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