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Cactus Jekyll theme #1235

Wolfr opened this Issue · 13 comments

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I made a theme to make a nice and simple responsive Jekyll site. Is there a place to list themes for Jekyll?

I think this would drive adoption. The resources on the new (and very nicely designed) jekyll website are very developer oriented.



We actually don't have a spot to post themes. Actually could be a good suggestion to add one as another page on

@mattr- @parkr what do you guys think? Should we throw in a themes section maybe with a nice image for each theme?


A theme gallery is a great idea, but I'm not sure that having a theme gallery as part of is something that we should do. Jekyll is very developer oriented by design. I'm also not sure we need to do anything else to drive adoption. I'm afraid you'll have to work a little bit harder to persuade me that a theme gallery is something that we should do. I think it would be awesome to see somebody else create it though. :smiley:


Terrific job with the theme - I like it very much. I figure we should add a page for third-party themes to or support some sort of collection of themes.


you and @mattr- are at odds with whether themes should be shown over at


The problem is discovery. You only find so many when you google search for "jeckyll theme," and the most seo optimized or popular ones appear, which makes it easy for other good ones to be missed.

I think linking to a third party theme listing site would be just as good as hosting your own page, so long as there is a central list somewhere.


Looks like is a good start... might need some more additions though.


Yes, and a better means of searching. But I like that site a lot.


Nice theme, Wolfr. You can add it to (which I administer) if you fork and open a pull request. Instructions are in the page footer.

parkr: I'll work something up as more themes are added. For now, the list is small enough it's not too unwieldy.


@Wolfr: Is there a reason that the sample page and blog are not functioning in the demo? Would like to see those elements in action too.

edit see that it is a matter of wrong links in the header of the demo...


@redwallhp I'd be interested in working with you to make better, but you don't seem to have a license for it. May it be forked and modified?


@parkr Just amended the README. It's GPLv3. Fork away.

@parkr parkr closed this
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