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Document/standardize using plugins as gems or .rb files #1417

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Some of the plugins I use are the documented .rb files (drop them into your plugin folder), while others are gems that require a more complicated setup procedure.

I think it would be worth documenting setup for both, and possibly the benefits of either approach. Is there an official preference on plugins as gems or .rb files?

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There's not an existing standard. It's really up to how the plugin developer decides to package it.


Thanks @mattr-. I'll give a shot at adding a brief gem section to the plugins page when I get some spare time.

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What do you think about adding a field in _config.yml (array) that would contain a list of gem names to be required on start-up? Obviously only in unsafe mode.


That's a great idea. Dropping plugins into the plugin folder encourages inlining dependencies, but is easy to use; the "_plugins/ext.rb" pattern is confusing to me, and only gets worse when you mix and match. Something like

  1. Add gems to your gemfile
  2. Install gems
  3. Require gems in _config.yml

is way better, and easy enough that it could be the default recommendation.

I like that this would let you switch which gems you're requiring by switching/cascading config files.

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That is a great workflow! We have to support both at least for a while but this would be a cool feature for 1.3. @mattr- @benbalter let me know if you think that'd be a good idea.


:+1: (sans safe mode)

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Add `gems` for better plugin management #1557

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We now have gemified plugins! If you have time to write a quick tutorial (or screencast!), we'd be happy to publish it.

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