support for pandoc-ruby; support for ordered list of preferred markdown interpreters with graceful fallback #155

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dsanson commented Apr 16, 2010

My preferred flavor of markdown is pandoc, so I forked and added code to add support for pandoc-ruby as a markdown interpreter. But I'd also like my site to generate on servers that don't have pandoc installed, so I've added code to allow the _config.yml file to include an ordered list of preferred markdown interpreters.

The changes can be found in the pandoc-ruby branch of my fork. A more complete description of the the changes and how they work can be found in the associated wiki. I haven't written any tests to associate with the changes because I don't know how to.


Nice work. A compelling reason is that pandoc can render equations in Markdown to HTML with the equations drawn beautifully using the Mathjax Javascript library (example at No other Markdown parser can do this [yet] :(

The website Math Overflow uses Mathjax

dsanson commented Dec 29, 2011

The fork is probably a bit out of date. I haven't had time of late to merge in changes from upstream. Adding support for pandoc is trivial using pandoc-ruby. And I think the extra code to fall back to some other parsers was unnecessary. Also I haven't seen any indication that the Jekyll devs are interested in adding this feature to the official version, so I have not been motivated to polish it up any further. Still, I use it regularly without any trouble.

dsanson commented Jun 6, 2012

I was finally able to put together a working pandoc plugin instead, providing all the benefits of the fork but without forking. So I'm closing this issue.

@dsanson dsanson closed this Jun 6, 2012
hickford commented Jun 7, 2012

Thanks for the plugin dsanson

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