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--lsi takes forever without gsl and doesn't do anything with gsl #159

ptarjan opened this Issue · 5 comments

6 participants

Paul Tarjan Daniel Hoelbling-Inzko Bengt Ericsson Taylor Mitchell Parker Moore Nick Quaranto
Paul Tarjan

I'm on OSX Snow Lepord with a 63 post site (

Without any extra installs, I let jekyll --lsi run for 3 hours @ 100% cpu and it didn't stop.

Once running

port install gsl

and installing the rb-gsl tarball it then only prints

Running the classifier... this could take a while.

and then doesn't generate _site no matter how long it runs (and it isn't taking much CPU).

Am I following the wrong instructions? How can I get related posts?

Daniel Hoelbling-Inzko

I have the same problem on Windows without rb-gsl. It starts and outputs a few dots, then stops completely taking 100% cpu of one of my cores.

Bengt Ericsson

I have the same issue, running Mac OS X 10.6.6

Taylor Mitchell

Likewise, 10.6.7. Ruby 1.8.7, Jekyll 0.10.0

Parker Moore

Related: #664.

Nick Quaranto

Let's close this and get #664 merged.

Nick Quaranto qrush closed this
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