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Listing unique custom tags within a category #1690

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I'm currently using the category page plugin (demonstrated in the Jekyll documentation) which allows me to generate a page for each category on my site, that lists each post within that category. In each post, I also specify a custom front matter tag called "Artist". I'm trying to list each unique Artist, tagged under posts in a specified category.

For example if I had 8 posts within category "Audio", 2 posts had "artist: Artist1" in the front matter, another 2 posts had "artist: Artist2", a further 2 posts had "artist: Artist3", and the final 2 posts had "artist: Artist4", the generated category page would list Artist1, Artist2, Artist3 and Artist4, rather than repeating each twice.

How would I go about doing this? Could the layout page the plugin references do this in a for loop, or would the plugin itself need to be modified?


Duplicate of #670.

@parkr parkr closed this
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