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page.url not working #181

StefanLiebenberg opened this Issue · 4 comments

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the "page.url" variable returns "/index.html" from anywhere on my site. Shouldn't it return "/about/index.html" if I was on that page?


This appears to be working fine for me in Jekyll 0.6.1. What version are you on, and is the source of your site public so I can investigate?


I upgraded to 0.6.1 and still experience this issue... and i don't have my source public.

It seems {{ page.url }} returns the right url, but only relative to the folder in which that file is...

for example:
/about/index.html => /index.html

/about/other.html => /other.html


I changed lib/jekyll/page.rb:93 to

"url" => File.join( @dir, self.url),

it is dirty but it got the results I wanted


Fix page.url to include full relative path. Closed by f35d287.

This issue was closed.
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