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Add guide for non-blogs #1811

afeld opened this Issue · 9 comments

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This came up w/ @parkr over chat, but Jekyll (and GH Pages, for that matter) seems blog-centric, when in fact it can be used to create other kinds of static sites. Adding this as a placeholder for this guide, which I'm hoping to take a first pass at soon.


Sounds like a good idea.


I guess we never created a guide for static sites without blog posts because the blog posts were pretty much the only magical and mysterious part of how Jekyll works. The only thing you really need to know for pages is includes and layouts, which are both relatively simple to decipher for a newbie.

Never the less, would love to hear your idea!


@parkr Maybe it's not so much a single walkthrough, so much as a set of a "recipes". I'll spend some more time putting together a concrete outline.


Jekyll seems blog-centric.

No, it’s an illusion. Jekyll’s own website is an example for many pages and only few blog entries.


Jekyll seems blog-centric.

it’s an illusion

Bingo :open_hands:


@jekyll/owners: can be closed. We don’t need placeholders. Just do it.

@afeld afeld closed this

I'd still love to see a guide, but if it's not a huge priority, no reasons to keep the issue around. Once GHP has Jekyll 2.0 on it, we can think about add a guides collection. :smiley:


May someone share a link to the original source for the Jekyll homepage. This is kind of non-blog site I am trying to set up.

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