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From the 'Liquid Extensions' page in the wiki (, we see the example:
{% include sig.textile %}
which gives the impression that the include tag will convert the syntax in the include file, as detected by the file extension.

However, the conversion does not take place. Diving into the source of jekyll/tags/include.rb reveals that Convertable is never used so no conversion happens.

Is this a bug? Or was the feature never intended to exist?

takeo commented Nov 5, 2010

I just ran into this as well. I'd love to use includes to split apart some of the copy for a site so it's easier for the copywriter to edit and iterate on, and having it able to be written in markdown would be even better.

clippit commented Mar 5, 2012

I noticed this too. include just read the content and to Liquid::Template.parse(source) without any convertion. The YAML header don't work as well.

i just ran into this too. @mojombo is this a bug or by design?

here's a workaround i did to include markdown in my include:

{% capture markdown_content %}

*write markdown here*

{{ content }}

*more markdown here*

{% endcapture %}

{{ markdown_content | markdownify }}
parkr commented Mar 17, 2013

Can't replicate:


title: Home

{% include test1.html %}


test test test

{% include test2.markdown %}


Hey hey

So you _you_ doin'?


<div class='test'><p>Hi hi hi</p></div>
<h1 id='overview'>Overview</h1>

<p>test test test</p>

<h1 id='hey_hey'>Hey hey</h1>

<p>So you <em>you</em> doin&#8217;?</p>
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