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eusebe commented Aug 20, 2010


It would be great if jekyll could include github-markup, to support more markups thant textile and markdown.

pdurbin commented Dec 15, 2011

If by "github-markup" you mean GitHub Flavored Markdown, yes I agree this would be a great feature. I'm using rdiscount for autolinking. . .

markdown: rdiscount
  extensions: [autolink]

. . . but I would love to have Github Flavored Markdown's newline behavior.

Agreed. Is there any plan to allow Jekyll to natively support the github flavored markdown syntax? It seems crazy that a markdown file that is compatible everywhere else on github is incompatible on gh-pages. I use this plugin to get redcarpet2 as my markdown parser, but is frustrating that this means I must build my site locally.


parkr commented May 29, 2012

+1, this would be awesome.


maul-esel commented Jun 1, 2012


Oh, and +1 ;-)


tombell commented Jun 1, 2012

I'm going to look into getting this working within the core of Jekyll.

cboettig commented Jun 3, 2012

@tombell, Awesome. This might already be an outstanding pull request? mojombo#487
The real trick may be getting the attention/approval of the powers at be, which you may be able to do?


parkr commented Jun 3, 2012

@cboettig I've been in contact with @mojombo and he tells me he's currently working on installing a few moderators of Jekyll.


tombell commented Jun 3, 2012

@cboettig ah nice, I didn't see that pull request. I'll check it out and test it to see if it's good.

cboettig commented Jun 5, 2012

@tombell Perhaps this pull request is a better choice?


tombell commented Jun 5, 2012

Ah cool, thanks for pointing that one out, it does things similar to the one I created. I'll probably use some things that PR does.

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