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jekyll serve should respect site.baseurl by default #2072

tomer opened this Issue · 4 comments

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According to the documentation, if baseurl isn't empty, users would get into problems when running jekyll serve locally, because they the pages will live on http://localhost:4000/project-name and not on http://localhost:4000 as expected.

The current workaround is to pass the --baseurl parameter while running jekyll serve, which I guess people forget sometimes, and it makes following the documentation more difficult.

Because the server as nothing beside the /project-name when site.baseurl is set, I suggest setting up an redirection from http://localhost:4000/ to http://localhost:4000/{{ site.baseurl }}. This way, you could remove that workaround, users will have one less step to follow, and it won't affect external resources which could break if running locally with a different baseurl.


I suppose I ought to update the documentation, then! What ought to be expected is that if you set the baseurl to project-name, you go to http://localhost:4000/project-name to mimic the way GitHub Pages hosts project pages.

A redirect is a sane idea if we can do it all within WEBrick. Know how?


What if we generated the site into a subfolder in _site?


@jekyll/owners: can be closed.

@parkr parkr closed this

The output of jekyll serve should not aid in this.

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