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New to Jekyll, but recently ported my blog to Octopress. And sorry if this should be posted over at Octopress instead, but it felt Jekyll related.

I'm working on a series about porting a blog from BlogSpot/Blogger to Octopress and found this post about creating a series template to live in _includes.

I've since modified the template and want access to un-published posts within the template. (or if this can be done through drafts - maybe I just need a tip on how to get them).

My end goal would be to get the following template to work.

Series Gist Template

Notice how I'm trying to use post.published == false to output (coming soon)...

This works when I use rake generate; rake preview but the (coming soon) posts don't show up immediately. There's some sort of delay before this gets generated, and I presume this is related to the preview rake task in Octopress (but haven't dug in enough). After some time if I refresh it will display what I want, but I'm pretty sure rake generate; rake deploy won't produce the same thing.

Is it possible to access un-published posts or possibly drafts - to accomplish something like this?

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parkr commented Apr 14, 2014

In the future, please ask questions of this nature over on jekyll/help.

Presently, only posts which are published are added to the site.posts array, so this isn't possible.

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Thanks, and will do.

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Accessing un-published posts in a template? #15

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