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Add an option to be more verbose #241

mythmon opened this Issue · 20 comments

It would be nice if there was a option to make the output of jekyll more verbose. Something like

#> jekyll
Configuration from ...
Building site ...
Generating my-cool-page.html now.
> Unrecognized variable format.
> Using layout post.
>> Using layout default.
> Done with my-cool-page.html
Successfully generated site

It would have saved me some debugging trying to set up a personal jekyll site, to realize that my layouts weren't being sources correctly.


+1, would be super-useful



Jekyll often fails silently.

sit commented





+1, very helpful for when you're on a shared hosting machine and your process gets suspended for a while.
Currently, I just have a tag on all my posts that, when rendered, returns an empty string but prints to STDOUT:
puts context.environments.first['page']['title']
Not my favorite solution!


+1 jekyll now builds VERY slowly for me, and I'd like to know what step is causing the slowness


@ericmeltzer my slowness was caused by using Pygments for syntax highlighting. I switched to Coderay for a dramatic speed increase.


@svnpenn hmm.. my site has no code whatsoever to highlight, so I don't think that's the problem. also, it went from very fast (2-4s to build + start local server) to about 30-50s.


For the time being

If you are using Windows you could use the Resource Monitor


:+1: I've got a Liquid Exception: undefined methodstrftime' for nil:NilClass in post` and I can't tell which file is generating it.

@parkr parkr was assigned

Agreed. A -v/--verbose option would be helpful for debugging/logging.


We're now loudly failing far more often, so this should be fixed. :)

@parkr parkr closed this

Hey there,
Was this option (or anything like it) ever implemented? Can't find it in the documentation and it'd be super-helpful for me. Just curious.


No, there is no --verbose option at the moment.


Okay, thanks!


:+1: I could really use this right now


jekyll build -V invokes verbosity. It doesn't produce a different result, though:

purp@tinyjoy:test_jekyll_blog$ jekyll build --help
jekyll build -- Build your site


  jekyll build [options]

            --config CONFIG_FILE[,CONFIG_FILE2,...]  Custom configuration file
            --future       Publishes posts with a future date
            --limit_posts MAX_POSTS  Limits the number of posts to parse and publish
        -w, --[no-]watch   Watch for changes and rebuild
            --force_polling  Force watch to use polling
            --lsi          Use LSI for improved related posts
        -D, --drafts       Render posts in the _drafts folder
            --unpublished  Render posts that were marked as unpublished
        -q, --quiet        Silence output.
        -V, --verbose      Print verbose output.
        -h, --help         Show this message
        -v, --version      Print the name and version
        -t, --trace        Show the full backtrace when an error occurs

Non-verbose build:

purp@tinyjoy:test_jekyll_blog$ jekyll build
Configuration file: /Users/purp/work/test_jekyll_blog/_config.yml
            Source: /Users/purp/work/test_jekyll_blog
       Destination: /Users/purp/work/test_jekyll_blog/_site
 Auto-regeneration: disabled. Use --watch to enable.

Verbose build:

purp@tinyjoy:test_jekyll_blog$ jekyll build -V
Configuration file: /Users/purp/work/test_jekyll_blog/_config.yml
            Source: /Users/purp/work/test_jekyll_blog
       Destination: /Users/purp/work/test_jekyll_blog/_site
 Auto-regeneration: disabled. Use --watch to enable.

Would a pull request to add verbosity when this flag is set be interesting?


p.s. If you export JEKYLL_LOG_LEVEL=debug you enable a reasonable amount of debug info in the meantime.


Just added PR #3665 to properly set the log level when you use -V; this should be a good start since the output given by the jekyll command is just its log being redirect to your terminal. From there, it's just about adding some debug logging where we need it.

+1 on PR #3665 if you like what you see.

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