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Render all code elements that contain a newline with pygments - so no need for {% highlight %} #286

balupton opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Right now markdown formatting needs the indent of the code to follow the markdown standard - if you wrap it with {% highlight ... %} then the indent is viewable in the code.

Would be nice if we didn't even have to specify the {% highlight ... %} block and just scan for all code blocks which have a newline and render them with pygments - my ruby skills are lacking so any help with this would be appreciated - would love to know here to start :)


Hmmmm. Do you have an implementation & tests?


This would be undesirable – what if you just wanted to wrap it with

instead of mess around with pygments? What if pygments didn't work on your machine, but Jekyll forced you to use it?

A neat idea, but it doesn't integrate well. Thanks for the suggestion!

@parkr parkr closed this
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