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Refactor access to category/tag names #29

ghost opened this Issue · 13 comments

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Adding a sorted array with all available category names as 'site.categorynames'. This allows to set up a listing of all categories.

Please pull from my repository (commit b659e9ce34cb74129650fc3e37ee5000328e9d8d).


I like this, but it definitely needs tests. On hold until someone can get around to writing them.

h3h commented

Might I humbly suggest category_list instead of categorynames?


Done: 98a468355fb1ce30b0868400963ea5fc44a66f48


Why not rework site.categories to accomplish this? So we can do like:

{% for category in site.categories %}
  <h2>{{ }}</h2>
  {% for post in category.posts %}

Initially I just needed a small fix for my site. A one-liner seemed like a good-enough solution for the time being. I initially even set out to implement Thomas idea but was too lazy, so I stuck with the one-liner.

That said, I think that a bit of re-modeling might benefit jekyll in the future (i.e. decoupling filesystem layout and reading from content transformation, changing Topic and Category into real objects, etc.).


I was able to make the snippet in my last comment work, but in order to keep working, I had to make a Categories class that acts both like a hash (mapping category names to Post arrays) and like an array of Category objects (through each).

This seems like it would become more of a problem if categories ever get more data. I'd like to be able to someday do:
{{ }}
and have it link to an automatically generated _site/[category]/index.html. But if is an array of posts, the extra category data won't be accessible from it.

Maybe we could change to


Alright, now that tags are in master I think it's time to address this issue. I like tomo's idea but I need to play around with this more. If you've got other suggestions pipe up!


If this was to be refactored, I think it would need to degrade gracefully. For instance I think at least until 0.6.0 or 0.7.0 the site object would have to work as normal. There could then be a new object, perhaps jekyll or another name that makes sense with the refactored payload.

Or maybe this could be done through a config value... payload: new and default to old, print out plenty of warnings in the meantime.


I really like tomos idea. I like to have a strong domain model at the heart of my programs and his idea goes along the same lines. My suggestion is: Follow tomo and drop in favor of


Btw: I created a wiki page ( ) that discusses API-breaking changes. Please contribute to the page.


I think we're good on this, no?


This is super old. Closing it down.

@qrush qrush closed this
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